Click here to download installation instructions for SlideTrax Sideboard and Sideboard TDA Kit.

Sideboards are designed to attach to the Wilderness Systems Trax system. Though it can be tempting to add accessories directly on to the Trax rails, Sideboards provide a larger more secure platform on which accessories such as rod holders can be mounted. The thumb screws the secure the Sideboards to the Trax system make it a snap to change the location of accessories while you are out on the water.

Note: The Allen cap screw has been changed to thumb screws.

The Sideboard Mini is pre-drilled to accommodate either RAM or Scotty bases.

Sideboard Mini with RAM MountSideboard Mini with Scotty Rod Holder

The standard Sideboard is large enough to hold multiple accessories or your entire fishfinder system.

Sideboard with RAM and Scotty

There is even a special Transducer Deployment Arm that was designed to mount directly to the Sideboard (no cutting , no drilling, just bolt it on).

Sideboard with Fishfinder

Sideboards can also be mounted cross-ways just behind you foot braces. This will keep your fishfinder drier and away from electronic grabbing trees and bushes.

Sideboards mounted sideways

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