Topics covered: Camera Arm and Tool Board.

Camera Arm

The Camera Arm lets you take first class self portraits while you are on the water. Swing it one direction and your camera is facing away from you so you can adjust your setting and start your camera’s timer, then spin it back in to picture-taking position and smile. Great for holding catch and release tournaments with your friends. If your camera does video the camera arm can be adjusted to let you video yourself to check up on your own paddling technique.

Camera ArmCamera Arm Picture Example

Tool Board

The Tool Board is a 10.5" x 5" piece of Starboard with hole cut in it to hold jar baits, lures, pliers and other tools; it even has a built in rod rest. Tool Bars are designed to bolt onto Johnny Bars and Dashboards. Slotted attachment points allow you to extend it an additional 3.5" if desired."

Swiss BoardLoaded Swiss Board

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