The Johnny Bar

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The Johnny Bar is a totally unique kayak accessory attachment system. It allows you to attach a variety of accessories securely to your kayak without having to mounted them permanently. The Johnny Bar itself can be added to and removed from the deck in a matter of seconds, leaving behind a few deck loops. In many cases you can attach it to your kayak's existing deck hardware.

Johnny Bar

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Once mounted you can use your Johnny Bar to mount rod holders, fish finders, compasses, GPS units, lighting, outriggers, camera boxes, just about anything you can think of attaching to your kayak. And it all comes off quickly and easily. (see Johnny Bar Details)

The Johnny Bar is totally adjustable and fits on almost any kayak. The 27 3/4" bar is wide enough to fit on most doubles and it can be cut down to match the width of narrower singles. The pre-slotted bar, accessory base and feet are all made of Starboard, a durable, UV resistant material, we borrowed from the yachting industry. Its rubber feet provide both traction and protection for more delicate decks. The military grade nylon straps allow you use standard deck hardware to secure the unit to you boat. It's all held together with stainless steel hardware, and can be totally broken down by hand in a mater of minutes. (see Johnny Bar Details)

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