Picking the Best Location - Johnny Bar

Bow Mounting

The most common location for the Johnny Bar is in front of the paddler. Here it can keep a variety of gear in easy reach. On sit-in-side boats the best location will be on the deck right over your feet. This may seem like a little bit of a stretch but you need to place it far enough out that it will not interfere with your paddle stroke. If you cut down the length of your bar you can bring it in closer. A wider bar must be pushed out a little more. If the anchor points are spread out a little you can actually adjust the bar's location fore or aft several inches, to move it closer when you need it and further out when you don't. Often existing deck hardware can be used for anchor points.

On a sit-on-top you'll want to mount your Johnny Bar just beyond your foot braces. Many sit-on-tops have ledges for footbrace tracks (like Prowlers and Quest to name a couple) that make great platforms for resting a Johnny Bar. You can also rest the Johnny Bar right on top of some footbrace rails themselves (such as Tarpons or Bimini's).

Stern Mounting

Behind the paddler is also a great place for a Johnny Bar. In this location it makes a great platform to mount backup rod holders and to anchor an outrigger or paddle float. Stern mounted bars should be located 10 to 15 inches behind your seat to allow room for you to slide in and out of your boat. Putting it back this far also keeps you from bumping into gear as you paddle or turn around to reach gear located behind you.

Test your selected location before moving on.

Once you have located your Johnny Bar wear you think you want it, tape it down in that location and try paddling with it, to make sure it is both convenient and out of the way of your paddle stroke. If you are satisfied with the location move on to Attachment points.

Note: Using a Slider Bar can bring items mounted in the center closer to you than the main cross-bar.


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