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If you are mounting a Johnny Bar on the bow of your kayak it is important to make sure it will not be in the way of your paddle stroke. To determine where your paddle stroke will be, imagine a line running from your chest down to your ankles. Everything on the outside of this line and back to your hips will be in the way of your paddle stroke. The closer the bar is to you the shorter it will need to be to stay out of this area. It may be necessary for you to cut down your Johnny Bar to mount it in your chosen location.

Start by installing the foot on the left side of the bar in the first slot. Install the right foot into the slot that allows the bar to be located in the place you have selected. Then remove the extra bar on the right side, cutting it off even with the beginning of the next slot over. After you have cut off the extra sections, of the bar, sand the edges and corners to match the left side.

Adjusting Bar WidthAdjusting Bar Width

If you are mounting a Johnny Bar on the stern of your kayak, the bar can be as wide as you want it to be. Generally, you will not want any wider than your boat. If you need to cut some off, simple follow the steps outlined above.

You are ready to mount your accessories.


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