Attachment Points - Johnny Bar

Use what is already on your boat

One of the main advantages of the Johnny Bar is that it is removable. Adding a lot of extra pieces of mounting hardware is not usually necessary. If possible use the deck hardware already on your boat. Most sit-insides come with deck bungies on the bow of the boat held on with deckloops or other hardware. Often you can attach your Johnny Bar to these and you never even have to pick up a drill. If your boat uses flush mounted hardware or if there isn't enough room on the deckloop to clip onto try using a "cable loop" to give you a secure attachment point.*

If these anchor points are not in the right locations you may have to add some additional hardware to the deck of your boat. If you do make sure it does not interfere with getting your sprayskirt on or off.

If you are mounting your Johnny Bar on your sit-on-top's footbrace rails you may want to use cable loops sandwiched between the footbrace rail and the boat, around the bolt that hold on the rail.

If there is not any hardware on the boat to attach your Johnny Bar you will need to mount four deckloops. If you are adding deckloops mount them so that they are inline with the straps of you Johnny Bar.

* Do not attach your Johnny Bar to the deck bungies themselves. These will not be secure enough.


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